SoftwareServant Method
SoftwareServant enables a system specification created using Ms Word to be automatically transformed into a complete software application ready for execution.  The system specification is tied to the executable system with an electronic stamp. The specification is in a form that can be readily understood by all project stakeholders and provides both business and IT management with a single authoritative source document. 

SoftwareServant delivers three breakthrough business improvements:

1. Large and immediate cost savings
Cost savings can be achieved from the first SoftwareServant project. The entire cost of the computer program development phase can be eliminated.  For many systems this is the largest and most unmanageable cost of software development.  Additional cost savings (or revenue increases) can be achieved from earlier delivery of the application to the business.  Businesses will achieve further savings year on year because of the simplified system maintenance and management model.

2. Software that is always aligned to business requirements
Business/IT Alignment is a frequently quoted Business Process Improvement (BPI) objective that has proven to be the elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Given that all business function delivered by IT is delivered via software, Business/IT Alignment is ultimately dependent on the alignment of software with business requirements.  SoftwareServant builds the executable software directly from the approved system specification and ties them together with an electronic stamp so that the specification of business requirements is always consistent with the running system.

3. Independence from technology
SoftwareServant systems can be moved to different technology infrastructures with little or no change. Where change is required, it can be effected at the system specification level.

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SoftwareServant - automated, cost effective, software application development and integration.