SoftwareServant Products
SoftwareServant Products: 
SoftwareServant applications are specified using Microsoft Word and then automatically converted into executable applications with the SoftwareServant Builder. The converted applications require a resident engine in order to run within each target environment. All SoftwareServant engines can be downloaded free of charge and used without restriction.  A list of currently available engines can be found on the Downloads page of this web site.

The SoftwareServant Builder can also be downloaded free of charge as part of the SoftwareServant Starter Kit, however, it cannot be used until you have registered the product and purchased some Builds (you pay for the product on a pay-per-use basis) . Details of Build Pack prices are available on the Prices page of this web site. Registration and purchase of Builds can be done over the internet using in-built SoftwareServant Builder services. 

SoftwareServant provides a powerful solution "out of the box". It enables the user to specify a wide variety of systems from simple to very complex. It can be implemented in a wide variety of architectures incorporating mobile, stand-alone, networked and remote information processing, however, individual industries and companies may have special needs that are peculiar to that company or industry. Further, it is common for new applications to require integration to pre-existing systems.  These common requirements have been recognised in the design of SoftwareServant and its supporting services.  Existing applications and interfaces can be integrated with SoftwareServant allowing functionality of the integrated software to be specified in the System Specification and automatically built into the application driver to maintain the Specification-Only paradigm and provide many additional product possibilites that generally fall into the following categories:

     - SoftwareServant Extensions                             Customised extensions to SoftwareServant
     - SoftwareServant - Industry                               eg. SoftwareServant - Banking, SoftwareServant - Airline
     - SoftwareServant - MyCompany                        Customised SoftwareServant for a single organisation
     - SoftwareServant Application Templates          Generic System Specifications for applications

SoftwareServant Services:
     - SoftwareServant training and mentoring (more below).
     - Project implementation using SoftwareServant (see We can do it for you).
     - SoftwareServant extensions.
     - Customising SoftwareServant versions for Industry or individual enterprise requirements.
     - Integration of SoftwareServant systems to other systems.

SoftwareServant Training:
You may view an extract of the basic training course in this Word document: SoftwareServant Basics

The basic training course document references two other Word documents:
SSample (sample specification)
and the same sample specification with explanatory comments...

It should be remembered that these documents are extracted from a basic training course. The sample specification illustrates the structure of a specification and specifies a fully functional system but there is much more to SoftwareServant and the Specification-Only method than the information provided in this introductory sample.

On-site classroom training can also be provided on request.  Contact us for more information.