Cost Savings - SoftwareServant
Measuring initial cost savings 

A basic process for developing a SoftwareServant system specification is: 

1. Specify the deliverables, ie. interactive forms, reports charts etc.
2. Specify all data sources for those deliverables.
3. Specify the workflow, calculations and business rules
4. Add the technical specifications for deployment. 

This is maintained in a Ms Word specification document that can be understood and agreed by all stakeholders. (refer to White Paper for more information)

The specification of the functional requirements will take no longer than your existing methods and consume no more resources. The new method may require and provide more detail but any extra time taken to do this will be counter-balanced by efficiency gains from using an established and facilitated method with automated error and completeness checking.   The obvious initial and immediate cost saving achieved from using SoftwareServant is the elimination of the separate computer program development phase of the project. This is usually the longest and most expensive phase of any software development project.   You can measure the initial cost savings by providing the specification to a development team(s) for a quote. This will enable you to calculate minimum cost and time savings; experience tells us that development frequently takes much longer and costs much more than the initial estimates.

Ongoing cost savings

Measuring the initial cost savings for implementing a specific project is a relatively simple task. For larger organisations, however, the ongoing implementation of a Business Aligned Software strategy using the SoftwareServant is likely to provide even larger IT cost savings year on year as a result of a vastly simplified maintenance and management process for SoftwareServant applications.

When business requirements change, SoftwareServant systems can implement those changes at the specification level. This sits in stark contrast to current practice where the only reliable source document for the current executable system is the program source code and that source code can be difficult to comprehend even for the developer who created it, leading to a time-consuming and high risk process that relies on individual knowledge, low level technical analysis, program code changes and much program level testing.

As SoftwareServant systems are propagated across an enterprise and the enterprise moves to a genuine alignment of software and business, it will experience accelerating cost savings that occur as dependencies on traditional in-house development resources, external consultants and software infrastructure islands are removed. These cost savings are recurring cost savings that can benefit the business year after year.