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About SoftwareServant
SoftwareServant Pty Ltd is a registered Australian business ABN 46 095 416 363

SoftwareServant Pty Ltd is dedicated to providing large-scale improvements in computer application software development, delivery and maintenance methods that always remain clearly aligned with the objectives of business.   The Specification-Only method (Patent Pending) and supporting SoftwareServant tools enable businesses to develop computer software system specifications using Ms Word and then automatically convert those specifications into running applications to dramatically reduce the cost and time-to-market of commercial software systems and further reduce the cost of maintaining those systems over their lifecycle.
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The Specification-Only method and SoftwareServant toolset has already proven successful in a variety of projects; a field sales automation project with mobile devices taking orders in the field and interacting via the internet with the back-office administration system; customisation and integration for an international software vendor; data analysis and visualisation projects for government agencies; and SoftwareServant’s own license and build management system.

SoftwareServant Pty Ltd was founded by its current Managing Director, Robert A Crewdson, a software industry veteran with more than 30 years in the Information Technology industry.  He is currently a director of Xanalys Pty Ltd, a supplier of investigative management and analysis tools to large financial institutions and government agencies.  Rob spent eleven years as Managing Director for Intersolv and Merant, a major supplier of enterprise level computer software application development tools with more than 30,000 customers and 2 million licensees worldwide.  Rob has been responsible for delivering business improvement products and services to key Government agencies in Australia, Singapore and Indonesia as well as many of the icons of Australian business including the major banks, AMP, BHP, Telstra, Coles, Woolworths and many others.  Prior to Intersolv, he spent 3 years establishing and growing the Sydney office of McCormack&Dodge, a leading international vendor of large scale financial information systems before moving to Ernst & Young CASE Technology for 5 years as Sales Manager and General Manager.